Horse Panels & Fencing

Horse panels & fencing - Round pens, continuous fencing

  • Bare Steel Fencing

  • Black Pipe No-Climb

   Black Pipe and No-Climb bare steel fencing provide a durable and attractive perimeter fence. We specialize in shopping the market for the heaviest pipe at the most competitive price.


   Corral Kraft has developed an extremely efficient hinge/tension rod assembly that essentially eliminates the sagging/drifting gate. Gates will stay in the position that you set it—no more drifting shut while you race to get through the gate before it closes on you. The hinge provide enough resistance to hold the gate in whatever position that you set.

   Horse Panels are the basic "building blocks" of all equine enclosures and facilities, and Corral Kraft is one of the pioneers in the industry. We are also the home and originators of the panel, providing customers an economical choice for ideal fencing and livestock containment. The economy-grade panels are perfect for temporary applications such as camping trips and horse shows.

  Panels are available in either Hook & Loop or Post & Tab configurations; both offering easy assembly without gaps and requires no additional hardware, such as butterfly clamps. The Post & Tab panels assemble easily with just a cordless drill and self-drilling fasteners.